blessed to have touched the sun
cinzia, 19, this blog is mostly pop music and birds I guess
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I love you

I know

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I think I may be able to let Troy go now.


Look at Mr. Smarty Pants


New full trailer for Community!
Season 5: Beyond the Darkest Timeline


Study Group [2/7] | Annie Edison

"You’re Annie. You like puzzles, and little monsters on your pencil, and some guy named Mark Ruffalo. You’re a fierce competitor and a sore loser. And you expect everybody to be better than who they are, and you expect yourself to be better than everyone, which is cool."

Changuage: A word used to explain Ben Chang’s unique way of speaking which involves replacing random words in the sentence with his last name. Described by some as “not even clever because he keeps using it as the word ‘change.’” 

And Britta, you’re not the worst… You’re the best.

Balance restored, I guess.

Community Meme: [8/8] Quotes

fangirl challenge - [10] female characters

[10/10] Shirley Bennett

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Why was that cut out?